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Convention delegates amend PEF constitution


Delegates to PEF’s annual convention in September voted to amend the union’s constitution and bylaws.

The amendment provides a way to appoint someone to temporarily act as PEF secretary-treasurer if that office became vacant during the three-year term of office. It enables the union president to appoint one of the three vice presidents to perform those duties until the vacancy could be filled by the special election process already provided in the constitution or by the triennial election if the vacancy occurred during a triennial election year and before that election.

The approved amendment creates a new item 19 under Article 6 D and states:

“In the event the Office of the Secretary-Treasurer becomes vacant, the President shall appoint one (1) of the three (3) Vice Presidents to, in addition to his or her other duties, assume the duties of the Secretary-Treasurer until a Special Election for the Secretary-Treasury is held pursuant to Article 10 B. If, however, a regularly scheduled Executive Board meeting is held before a Special Election for the Secretary-Treasurer can be held, the Executive Board shall review and approve, by majority vote, the appointment at that meeting, which shall thereafter last only until a Special Election is held pursuant to Article 10 B.”

The amendment was originally proposed by the PEF Constitution and Bylaws Committee and was approved by the PEF Executive Board for presentation to the delegates at convention. The delegates added the words indicating that Executive Board approval of an appointee would require a majority vote.

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