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PEF wins fight against unfair COVID prescreening at NYSIF

July 13, 2021 — A policy set by management at the State Insurance Fund conflicted with PEF members’ rights and the union immediately stepped in to halt the practice.

PEF and local leaders across the state presented a united front to overturn the requirement to complete a COVID prescreening before members came to worksites.

This presented issues, such as if you prescreened at home, were you essentially clocking in? If you were “clocked in” did your commute to work then potentially entitle you to Worker’s Compensation in the event of an accident?

Since SIF didn’t offer an alternative option, PEF Field Staff met with local leaders and strategized a plan to combat the practice. PEF also filed a grievance, but in the end SIF withdrew the policy and now prescreening is no longer required.

PEF is also taking on the lack of approvals for requested reasonable accommodations at SIF and has filed a statewide grievance.

— Kate Mostaccio