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The Communicator | November 10, 2020 | Volume 38. No. 9
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The President’s Message

PEF does it!  Union holds first-ever Virtual Convention

Labor leaders, elected officials address PEF delegates at President’s Reception

PEF Does It despite extreme challenges

Establishing foundations for PEF’s future growth, union excellence

An active Health and Safety Committee is critical for member protection

Using technology tools to keep members engaged, provide orientation to new hires

PEF member at Wadsworth recognized for work in biodefense, advancing laboratory science

EAP: What is it and how does it work?

Got questions about deferred comp?

PEF negotiates daily to keep you safe, protect your rights

PEF protests PEP shut out in 2021

Be proactive, have a medical report: Critical advice for Worker’s Comp COVID cases

Get a bad performance evaluation? Ask PEF to help you appeal it

PEF member works to ensure the quality of eggs

Letters to the Editor

Retirees in Action: These extraordinary times require extraordinary unity, action

Saluting members on their retirements

Ailing members need your leave donations

2021 PEF Calendar

2020 Annual Report of the PEF Trustees



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