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The Communicator | March 11, 2020 | Volume 38. No. 2
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PEF Nurses Committee shares information and tips on coronavirus

Contract Update: Team committed to getting the contract – 2/24/2020

Fire Protection Specialists: We deserve the same protections, compensation as other emergency responders – 2/24/2020

PEF fire protection specialists deploy to Puerto Rico

2020-21 PEF Budget Priorities: Letters to Legislators

Retirees in Action: Help us fight BIG cut to your Medicare reimbursement

Region 4 supports Clear Path For Veterans program

DiNapoli assures PEF Retirees of state pension fund strength

Ailing members need your leave donations

Saluting members on their retirements

Civil Service Alert: Don’t miss promotion because of outdated email address

2020 PEF Delegate Rules and List




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