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The Communicator | December 21, 2020 | Volume 38. No. 10
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The President’s Message

2021 ELECTION RULES: Dates, Rules, Requirements

PEF moving to gain early ground in legislative, budget battles

Union shares urgent COVID-19 concerns with state legislators

Telecommuting agreement extended

Members impacted by correctional facility closures to meet with DOCCS, membership meetings with PEF coming

PEF nurses testify before SUNY Board of Trustees on salary disparity, COVID pay

PEF frontliners get vaccinated

PEF members help Buffalo Bills host a playoff game

Executive Board discusses COVID, nursing issues and union finances; sets hybrid petitioning rules for Triennial Elections

State indicates concessions, givebacks and no raises if successor contract negotiations resume now

PEF committed to keeping members informed during COVID

Union support helped score wins for endorsed candidates

Ag and Markets member walks from N.Y. to Mass. to raise funds for Shriners children’s hospitals

Watch out for use-it-or-lose-it leave deadlines

PEF brings DOCCS members info, answers to questions

Parole officers always stuck between rocks and hard places

Longtime PEF member at Oxford Veterans’ Home named Registered Nurse of the Year by Health Facilities Association

PEF Division 236 awards annual 2020 Neil Boyle Scholarships

Letters to the Editor

Retirees in Action: Retirees contribute to NYS economy, but pension funds hit by downturns, to

Ailing members need your leave donations

2021 PEF Calendar



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