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PEF Jewish Committee Purim Celebration – Region 10

Date(s) - 03/12/2015
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Region 10 - NYC


The holiday of Purim commemorates the survival of the Jewish people in Ancient Persia from the threat of annihilation at the hand of the powerful and evil Haman. To celebrate this joyous holiday, it is traditional to read from Megillat Ester (The Book of Esther) which tells the story of the events relating to the holiday, dress in costumes, give gifts to the poor (matanot l’evyonim), give gifts to friends (mishloach manot) and enjoy a Purim feast (seudat purim).

Please join the men and women of the PEF Jewish Committee at our PEF REGION 10 Purim program at the PEF Region 10 office as we celebrate the story of Purim with music and graggers, noshes and qvelling, Kosher wine and of course, many hamentaschen.

For more information call 1-212-227-3132 or email Paula Kalka or Ben Gamoran