Helpful Links

Websites are organized into the following categories:
1. Consumer information, services and publications — these websites cover a variety of health-related topics with links to many other useful sites.

2. Illness and condition-specific information — included are websites dedicated to conditions such as cancer, children’s health and heart disease; plus disease prevention and wellness.

3. Prescription drugs — includes recent FDA drug approvals, reported problems and text of drug package inserts

4. Health care facilities where PEF members work–each website offers a variety of health information and resources

Other categories will be added in the future. Please send suggestions for additional websites to gro.f1627949334ep@na1627949334myatS1627949334D1627949334

1. Consumer information, services and publications

A gateway consumer health and human services website sponsored by the U.S. government

National Library of Medicine
Includes direct MEDLINE access for on-line searches of medical literature

2. Illness and condition-specific information

3. Prescription drugs

Food and Drug AdministrationProvides information about drugs recently approved by the FDA, complete text of drug package inserts and Medwatch, the reporting program for adverse reactions and product problems.

Institute for Safe Medication PracticesIncludes warnings about similar names and packaging of different drugs, a practitioner reporting system for medication errors, and alerts for patients.

MEDLINEplus: Drug InformationDrug information on thousands of prescription and over-the-counter medications from the National Institutes of Health.

Medication.comSponsored by the American Society of Health System Pharmacists; contains drug information by brand or generic name, potential side effects and precautions.
Consumer Affairs, a unit of Consumer Reports, developed this guide to online pharmacies. In addition to the pharmacy reviews, the site contains useful information such as how such pharmacies are licensed and accredited, how they maintain security, and whether having prescription drugs delivered is a safe option.

4. Health facilities where PEF members work