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Contract Town Hall 

August 18, 2020

Contract Town Hall, where President Spence and members of the PEF Contract Team answered members’ questions about the status of contract negotiations. Click on the link to watch the the Contract Town Hall.

Town Hall Video
Town Hall Q&A

PEF COVID Related Actions in 2020

PEF COVID Related Actions in 2020

PEF was instrumental in the negotiation of the emergency telecommuting agreement. This included eliminating a provision that would have allowed management to inspect the home worksites of members who were telecommuting due to Covid-19.

Monetary concerns
PEF obtained an extension of the dates during which the State will continue to provide its contribution to Dependent Care Advantage Accounts (DCAA).

PEF obtained an extension of the Productivity Enhancement Program (PEP), a program that allows employees to use annual or personal leave to help pay their share of health insurance premiums. As a result, PEP is available to employees for calendar year 2020.

PEF has filed multiple grievances and law suits related to the calculation of overtime pay for Covid-19 related work, including where employees are not paid at their regular overtime rate or were ordered to “flex” time to avoid overtime.

PEF has worked to ensure DOH employees get on-call pay. On-call pay is now being provided for the DOH Covid-19 hotline. Other grievances are still in process.

PEF challenged and won when the Department of Environmental Conservation attempted to cap Covid-19 related overtime for grades 23-27 at 12% of their annual salary.

PEF brought attention to the unfairness of delaying the April 1st state paychecks for the very workers that are putting their lives on the line for New York state.

Leave accruals
PEF negotiated agreements for the carryover of annual, personal, and compensatory leave accruals when time could not be taken because of the COVID crisis, providing members with additional time to use excess accruals.

Protecting members from the coronavirus crisis
PEF negotiated a policy allowing members to wear their own protective masks in the workplace (Remember, this may seem easy now, but early on some Agencies were refusing to allow members to wear their own masks)

PEF secured protective masks for distribution to PEF members and medical masks for health care professionals;

PEF temporarily secured blocks of hotel rooms for PEF nurses around major medical centers in New York State including SUNY Stony Brook, SUNY Downstate, and SUNY Upstate, and submitted a plan requesting that SUNY continue this initiative for as long as needed.

PEF sent a letter to the commissioner of the state Department of Health (DOH) strongly opposing a DOH plan to return suspected or confirmed Covid-19 staff back to work during staff shortages. (Keep in mind – we have been warning the state for years now about their poor management and understaffing at every agency. It’s not fair that because of poor leadership and, even worse, budget decisions that members should again suffer.)

PEF submitted an “Essential Duty Pay” plan to the governor’s office.

Providing members with information on the coronavirus and its impact on their health and employment
PEF held two tele-town hall meetings where members were able to get answers to the questions they had.

PEF supplied numerous members with guidance on benefits, leaves of absence, and dependent care regarding Covid-19.

PEF provided workplace-related guidance to members who have compromised immune systems or other health concerns related to Covid-19.

PEF provided members with guidance regarding the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), which provides paid leave under certain circumstances related to the Covid-19. This included assisting with grievances related to FFCRA when requests for leave were denied. We have also filed a lawsuit on this issue because members are being unfairly denied the FFCRA benefit.

PEF provided members with information on Accidental Death Benefits, including how to access Article 11 death benefits and death benefits provided through the Retirement System.

PEF set up a web page on pef.org with Covid-19 information, copies of letters sent to agency commissioners, and a comprehensive FAQ document that is updated with new information as soon as we receive it.

Assisting members with their health-related benefits
PEF was instrumental in negotiating a telemedicine program for Empire Plan enrollees, which was rolled out on a pilot basis through the end of the calendar year, December 31, 2020. This program allows members to have virtual appointments with Board Certified doctors and to have access to health care services remotely, utilizing their computer, tablet or smartphone, 24/7, for both medical and mental health visits, at no cost.

PEF helped numerous members with issues related to their health, dental, and vision insurance including

· resolving medical copay issues in the members’ favor
· reimbursement for mental health care even though claims were submitted after the normal deadline
· resolving issues with dental claims in the members’ favor when they were unable to go to their regular dentist due to Covid-19

PEF worked with DMV to delay implementation of significant changes to work hours, to assure 30 days notice is given for the schedule change.

Grievance process
PEF negotiated an agreement providing a 30-day extension of the time allowed for filing Article 34 grievances and appeals.

Contract Talks on Hold for 60 days

March 31, 2020

PEF Members:

The coronavirus has turned our world upside down, especially in New York state where the number of confirmed cases grows each day.

PEF members, from healthcare workers administering tests and caring for those in the hospital, to members helping people with unemployment benefits and everything in between are on the frontline of keeping New Yorkers safe.

After speaking with the dedicated members of the PEF contract team, it has become evident that their priority is to safeguard New York state and my priority as president of PEF is to safeguard PEF members. We also know negotiating a PEF contract is not the number one priority with the state at this time, and neither should it be ours. Therefore, we have decided to postpone any scheduled contract negotiations with the state for the next 60 days.

We will return to the bargaining table knowing we did the right thing; knowing it was PEF members who got us through this emergency.

Through this current state of uncertainty, one thing remains certain. We are the Public Employees Federation, dedicated and committed to providing the best possible services to all New Yorkers.

Please check the PEF website and social media pages for important updates on the coronavirus and contract negotiations.

As always, I am humbled to be your president and thank you for the outstanding work you do.

In unity,

Wayne Spence
PEF President

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Current PS&T Salary Schedule

Salary Schedule:

Effective April 6, 2017 (Admin.)
Effective March 30, 2017 (Inst.)

Grade Hiring Rate Job Rate P.A. Job Rate Advance
01 $22,855 $29,494 $949 $945
02 $23,722 $30,685 $994 $999
03 $24,883 $32,180 $1,043 $1,039
04 $26,000 $33,679 $1,094 $1,115
05 $27,231 $35,286 $1,152 $1,143
06 $28,692 $37,150 $1,208 $1,210
07 $30,302 $39,160 $1,257 $1,316
08 $31,971 $41,227 $1,302 $1,444
09 $33,752 $45,857 $1,409 $1,737
10 $35,666 $45,857 $1,409 $1,737
11 $37,710 $48,451 $1,501 $1,735
12 $39,825 $51,021 $1,552 $1,884
13 $42,143 $53,927 $1,614 $2,100
14 $44,564 $56,888 $1,725 $1,974
15 $47,085 $60,028 $1,788 $2,215
16 $49,727 $63,293 $1,857 $2,424
17 $52,518 $66,855 $1,945 $2,667
18 $55,494 $70,566 $1,906 $3,636
19 $58,501 $74,301 $1,985 $3,890
20 $61,496 $78,014 $2,068 $4,110
21 $64,757 $82,113 $2,159 $4,402
22 $68,238 $86,398 $2,249 $4,666
23 $71,847 $90,876 $2,342 $4,977
24 $75,674 $95,534 $2,432 $5,268
25 $79,849 $100,645 $2,536 $5,580
26 $84,055 $103,609 $2,639 $3,720
27 $88,603 $109,133 $2,779 $3,856
28 $93,271 $114,553 $2,886 $3,966
29 $98,160 $120,219 $2,997 $4,077
30 $103,289 $126,120 $3,108 $4,183
31 $108,794 $132,440 $3,224 $4,302
32 $114,579 $138,984 $3,332 $4,413
33 $120,811 $145,984 $3,442 $4,521
34 $127,246 $153,256 $3,562 $4,638
35 $133,843 $160,655 $3,676 $4,756
36 $140,570 $168,266 $3,802 $4,884
37 $147,948 $176,472 $3,921 $4,998
38 $138,028

For additional salary information (including historical PS&T Salary Schedules, visit the New York State Department of Civil Service website.

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