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CSE/R Additional Resources: Career Mobility Office & Training Requests


The Career Mobility Office (CMO) is funded by negotiated agreements among New York State, the Civil Service Employees Association, Inc. (CSEA), and the Public Employees Federation, AFL-CIO (PEF). The Career Mobility Office’s (CMO’s) mission is to promote a comprehensive and coordinated range of career development and workforce deployment services to New York State agencies and their employees.

As CMO is partially funded by PEF and other negotiating units, PEF relies on CMO to conduct trainings, workshops, and modules in an effort to utilize these resources, which are specifically tailored to the needs of New York State agencies and their employees. Additional information about CMO can be found via their information packet and the Career Mobility Office website.

CMO Resources

    Merit System
    Learn the basic rules and guidelines that govern mobility within the State.

    Career Planning
    Consult with the CMO about your skills, education, and personal goals to develop a career plan.

    Job Search
    Research job and examination opportunities.

    Develop a well-written resume that reflects your skills and experience.


    Learn what is expected of you on a job interview.

CMO Trainings:

Take advantage of the free workshops and recorded webinars for State employees relative to career mobility. To learn more, click on the topic you’re interested in. If you would like to schedule a training for your group, please contact *protected email*.

    Examinations and Eligible Lists: Learn about the examination process, how lists are used and the capabilities of the Eligible List Management System (ELMS) online.

    Glossary of Titles Inquiry Tool (GOT-IT) Website Demonstration: Learn how to use resources available on the GOT-IT website to navigate your career

    Resume and Interviewing Preparation: Get ready for your next career move and learn how to create a well-written resume and review tips on preparing for an interview.

    Transfers: Learn about the different types of transfers, eligibility requirements and resources to find transfer opportunities.

    Understanding the Merit System: Learn how to navigate your career in the Civil Service Merit System.

    Workshop Survey: Complete a survey for a workshop you attended. Results from these anonymous surveys help CMO improve services they offer to state employees.