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Region 3 hosts annual Legislative Breakfast

On March 13, PEF Region 3 held its first (and hopefully last!) Zoom Legislative Breakfast.

For those unaware, this is an annual event held on the Saturday of the St. Patrick’s Day parade for the past 20 years. Members and legislators meet to discuss the state budget, legislative priorities and agency issues.

Region 3 Chair Leisa Abraham did an outstanding job coordinating this event with a team of members and staff supporting her efforts.

The Zoom discussion featured parents willing to speak out about the impact of cuts to OPWDD programs on their children. They put together a video, which was difficult to watch, but honest in its portrayal of just how difficult raising children with disabilities can be without proper support and mental health services.

We hope you will take the time to watch this recording, and more importantly, consider getting more active (if you’re not already) in the union. If we want the power to change things in our agencies and at workplaces, it takes all of us standing together and working collectively to make it happen.