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PEP Program for PEF Members

PEF Members,

As you know, the Productivity Enhancement Program (PEP) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has expired and therefore is not currently available to PEF members. This is not due to lack of effort on PEF’s part. PEF has made multiple recent requests to the Governor’s Office to extend the MOU so that PEF members can utilize a benefit that is extremely important. This benefit is especially needed during this current health crisis. My promise to you is that PEF will continue to pursue this particularly important benefit for you and all PEF members.

Please note that other New York State unions that negotiated a recent contract are being offered the PEP benefit, but at a cost. These other unions negotiated a 2% pay raise, but had to agree to higher health care costs. Due to the COVID emergency, the other unions are not receiving the 2% raise, but they are currently paying the higher health care costs they agreed to. PEF members are not paying the higher health care costs.

The state has decided not to let PEF members participate in the 2021 Productivity Enhancement Program (PEP) and that is not acceptable to me and the members who now use the program to reduce their health insurance premiums by forfeiting some of their accrued leave. Please see the most recent Communicator article on PEP.

PEF has launched a letter writing campaign directly to Governor Cuomo, as he is the only one that can extend this very important benefit. Simply click here for a pre-written letter that will be sent directly to the Governor.

We have also provided a Word version of the same letter. If you want to personalize your letter click here for the Word document.

I am asking each of you to send one (1) letter in support of the PEP benefit.  With your help we can make this happen, but it has to be everyone, not just a few. This is an opportunity to demonstrate to Governor Cuomo the importance of this benefit to his employees during a health crisis.

In Unity,

Wayne Spence
PEF President​