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Legislative Action is needed Today!

Legislative Action is needed Today!

We have been busy preparing, writing and introducing legislation to deal with issues arising during this emergency. The New York State Legislature is returning to Albany soon and they need to hear from each PEF member:

• Our  frontline and essential members of the state workforce literally put our lives on the line to continue to perform their jobs at a time when many workers were ordered to stay home. If the budget requires cuts to be balanced, then those cuts should be made across the entire spectrum of expenses. If cuts are made to state agencies, then they must also be made to outside private contractors;
• Hazard pay for essential workers represented by PEF;
• Overtime calculation must be based on the PEF contract salary rate or the job rate in which the overtime is performed, whichever is HIGHER;
•  Seek alternative revenue sources;
• Establish State Agency Emergency Planning Protocol
• And support PEF telecommuting legislation

Additional letter to the Governor

• Hazard Pay

We have pre-written the letters for your convenience and to also maximize response

Please send your letter(s) today

A.10755 – Allow Peace Officers to Keep Their Firearms While On-Duty

Any Budget Cuts made to State Agencies must also be made to Outside Private Contractors:

Hazard Pay for Essential Employees:

Correcting Overtime Payment:Calculation

Enact New Revenues Now:

Establishing State Agency Emergency Planning Protocols:

Support Telecommuting Policy for State Employees:

Hazard Pay letter to Governor:

Imagine if each member sent just one letter each?

In Unity,
Wayne Spence
PEF President

If you would rather Call Your Legislator

• Call your Assembly member:  518-455-4100 and ask for your Assemblyperson

Find your Assemblyperson

•  Call your Senator: 518-455-2800 and ask for your Senator OR Find your Senator

What are some other actions you can take?

• Check the PEF website and PEF Facebook page often to make sure you are informed about union activities and the issues facing PEF;
• Help enforce the PEF CONTRACT at your workplace:
•  Go to the PEF website and update your contact information;
•  View the recent Communicator magazine;
• If you have not already done so, Re-commit to your union;