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Contract Video Update – 12/16/19

Keeping you informed on PEF contract talks


PEF Contract Update Video – 12/16/2019

PEF Contract Update Video – 11/7/2019

Hello PEF Members,

I am Darlene Williams, the chair of the PEF Contract team with an update on our contract talks.

On Tuesday, December 10th, we again attempted to have a productive dialogue with the Governor’s negotiating team on key issues including longevity, location pay, long-term hourly employees, safe nurse staffing ratios and related nursing issues. Again, we were met with nothing but resistance and a refusal to have an open and fruitful conversation.

We also followed up on a previously submitted demand for information regarding our dental plan—and were told we can expect to wait over another month to get it. We are determined to address long overdue improvements to our dental benefits. The State is dragging its feet in getting us this information, which is necessary for bargaining. This underscores its lack of respect for its public servants.

We know that many of you share our frustration and sense of urgency to get a new contract and the wage increases that come with it but, together, we refuse to negotiate a bad deal and will fight to get you the respect and contract you deserve. This will take time and your continued support. Our strength is in our unity.

Unfortunately, the State needs to be reminded of the vital services our members provide all over New York State every single day. Let’s remind them.

Who takes care of our loved ones in our State hospitals? PEF does it.

Who designs safer roads and bridges? PEF does it.

Who supervises parolees in our communities? PEF does it.

Who protects the State’s water and air supply? PEF does it.

PEF Does It. Will the State?

We can spread our message efficiently and effectively by joining our members’ 52,000 voices. Join the conversation by opening a Twitter account and follow PEF and the contract chair, Darlene Williams.

We will be reaching out to you in 2020 to take further action to support this contract fight. Please check the PEF websitePEF social media pages and your personal email regularly for updates.

Thank you and best wishes from the PEF Contract Team to you and your families for a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season.