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Nurses Appreciation Week May 6-12

Saluting those who answered the calling: PEF nurses and their “superpowers” of nursing care.

Throughout New York, there are nearly 9,700 PEF-represented nurses who devote their lives to helping and caring for others. They come from all walks of life, and work in emergency rooms, prison infirmaries, homes for those with disabilities, specialty hospitals and research centers. Their common thread is the love for their profession, and the day-to-day motivation to provide quality care for all their patients.

National Nurses Week is celebrated annually beginning May 6 and ending on Florence Nightingale’s birthday, May 12.  It is a week when nurses are praised and their efforts nationally recognized. It is a time to educate the public and lawmakers about the critical role they play in health care, and to advocate for laws such as safe-staffing ratios. This year, the 2019 national nurse’s week theme is “4 Million Reasons To Celebrate.”

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