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ALERT – Spring is here and so are Anti-Union Canvassers!

Spring is here & so are Anti-Union Canvassers!

PEF members: As the winter weather finally breaks, and spring is here… we can expect one of the anti-union forces here in NYS to begin another door knocking canvas, targeting PEF union households. Their past efforts have been unsuccessful!  Last time this occurred, many PEF members took to social media to voice their feelings about the paid, out-of-state canvassers, who were aggressive in their harassment of our members. In response, PEF leaders and members, along with PEF Field Service Organizing staff, handed out the attached pro-union literature  and were welcomed and appreciated by the members they spoke to about the value of being a PEF member.

PEF has teamed with AFL-CIO and NYSUT in a social media campaign, which includes this video message.

Click here for Video Link  

We are expecting this will eventually happen in every PEF region around the state.  We believe our membership engagement effort is working, evidenced by our members complete rejection of these solicitors and our incredibly low number of union drops.  To ensure our continued success, we suggest the following:

Thank you for your commitment to PEF and the work you do each day to support our members.

We are #WinningTheFutureTogether!
In  unity,
Wayne Spence
PEF President