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PEF Budget Priorities 2019-20 – Members need to take action

PEF Leader’s and Members, The time is NOW to take action!

A message from PEF President Wayne Spence to PEF Leaders and Members,

Please see the attached 2019-2020 budget memo to the New York State legislature along with the “issue, impact and solution” fact sheet, which includes the recent 30 day budget amendments. We only have until April 1, 2019 and I ask that every PEF member take the time to visit, email or call their local legislators with the information attached.

In an effort to maximize the response’s, this posting includes the links that will find and send a prewritten letter directly to your elected Senator and Assembly Member, all you have to do is click submit.  Click here to print out the PEF 2019-2020 Budget Priorities Fact Sheet  

Email a Pre-Written Letter Today

  1. Civil Service Erosion
  2. Design Build
  3. Downsizing at State Agencies
  4. Closing New York State Prisons
  5. Jail Based Restoration of Competency 
  6. Retiree Health Care
  7. SUNY Hospital Funding
  8. SHU Letter 

When you contact your local elected Senator and Assembly Member, the attached information will assist in stopping harmful budget proposals against PEF members and PEF retirees. Currently, SWPAC Chairs and PEF PALS are securing meetings across the state between their members and local state legislators. Please see the SWPAC contact information below for your regional political action representative.

If you prefer to call your legislator

Pre-written letter’s are available in either word or PDF format, so that you can personalize to your liking. Click here to print out the PEF 2019-2020 Budget Priorities Fact Sheet

If you prefer to write and send a personalized letter

  1. SUNY Hospital Funding                       (PDF)
  2. Design Build                                          (PDF)
  3. DOCCS Prison Closure (s)                    (PDF)
  4. Downsizing at State Agencies’               (PDF)
  5. Civil Service Erosion                             (PDF)
  6. Retiree Health Care                                (PDF)
  7. SHU Letter                                             (PDF)
  8. Jail-Based Restoration to Competency   (PDF)

What are some other actions you can take?

As leaders, please feel free to forward and share with your local constituency.

Thank you,
Wayne Spence
PEF President

Scroll and refresh your screen to see and download budget memo: