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Empire Plan Co-Pay remains at $20 for PEF members

PEF Leaders and Members: PEF has heard from some PEF members last week, that you were erroneously charged a $25.00, instead of $20.00, co-pay by your healthcare provider. 

Upon hearing this, we immediately contacted the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations (GOER) to rectify the situation. As a result of our conversations, a new Empire Plan Copayment Guide notifying providers that copayments have only changed for certain enrollees – NOT PEF members – is being sent out to providers today.  If asked to pay a $25.00 co-pay, politely decline and ask your provider to refer to the new Empire Plan Copayment Guide. Should you have additional questions please contact  Lorraine Simpkins @ gro.f1627220765ep@sn1627220765ikpmi1627220765SL1627220765

While co-pays did go up for members of some other state unions and retirees, under terms of the current PEF contract, there is NO increase for PEF members.

In unity,
Wayne Spence
PEF President