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Governor vetoes Cost-Benefit Analysis Bill despite enormous support

Sent on Behalf of President Spence:

PEF Members and Leaders:

I am disappointed to tell you that Governor Cuomo has decided to veto the PEF Cost Benefit Analysis and SUNY Stony Brook retirement legislation. (Veto message CB2018Veto) and Veto messageSB2018VETO.

Even though the measure was overwhelmingly passed by both houses of the New York State Legislature and overwhelmingly supported by both labor and good government groups alike, the Governor still saw fit to reject the legislation. NYS-AFL-CIO Letter of Support, NYSUT Letter of SupportCSEA Letter of Support and Public Service International Letter of Support

Please know we will pick up this fight again next legislative session, because nothing is more important than protecting our jobs from privatization.

We, along with other organizations, think the Governor missed an important opportunity to do right by New York State taxpayers, as this bill would have gone a long way to ensuring that state business is conducted with much needed transparency, while at the same time ensuring taxpayers are getting the high-quality, cost-effective services they deserve and have come to expect from PEF members and other  public employees.

I want to thank you for the phone calls, letters and emails you sent  in support of the legislation. Your efforts were not in vain. Legislative leaders from around the state heard our voices and will be working with us in the upcoming legislative session to get a new version of Cost Benefit Analysis on the books.

In solidarity,
Wayne Spence
PEF President