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ALERT – Anti-union elves reported in the Capital District!

ALERT – Anti-union elf canvassers reported in PEF regions!

PEF Members and Leaders, earlier this month, New Choice NY (NCNY), one of the anti-union forces here in NYS, began a door knocking canvass in Region 8 targeting union households. The same organization then switched tactics and began to flyer PEF and CSEA members at the Empire State Plaza. Their efforts were unsuccessful!  Many PEF members took to social media to voice their feelings about the paid, out-of-state canvassers, who were aggressive in their harassment of our members. In response, PEF leaders and members, along with PEF Field Service Organizing staff, handed out pro-union literature over the next two days and were welcomed and appreciated by the members they spoke to about the value of being a PEF member.

We heard the next stop for the NCNY canvassers was the greater Buffalo area, and yesterday we heard from Region 1 that an out-of-state canvasser using an electronic list of union households was spotted in a Region 1 neighborhood.

We are expecting this will happen in every PEF region around the state.  We believe our membership engagement effort is working, evidenced by our members complete rejection of these solicitors and our incredibly low number of union drops.  To ensure our continued success, we suggest the following:

  • Speak to your members about this door to door operation and inform them that these efforts are financed to the tune of $20 million by anti-union organizations who are trying to line their own pockets by busting public sector unions. They think that they will be able to convince our members to give themselves “a Christmas raise” by dropping their union;
  • Set up a “quick-response team” that can quickly mobilize to combat any centralized flyering of state offices.  Dan Carpenter, PEF Associate Director of Field Service Organizing can assist you in setting up a team. Members were receptive to the flyer we used in Albany (attached);
  • Print out the “Union Busters Aren’t Welcome Here” signs for your front doors;
  • Call on PEF Field Service Organizing, Dan Carpenter at gro.f1627737610ep@re1627737610tnepr1627737610acd1627737610 or Mike Farrell at gro.f1627737610ep@ll1627737610erraf1627737610m1627737610  to assist you in fighting back against the effort now targeting your region.

Thank you for your commitment to PEF and the work you do each day to support our members.

POSTED December 10, 2019
PEF Members Leaders: Just as we expected, paid representatives of the anti-union group New Choice New York have been in the Capital District targeting our members with anti-union literature and rhetoric.  Last week, we heard they were knocking on our members’ front doors.  Today, dressed as Santa’s elves, they were looking for union members in the concourse of the Empire State Plaza.

As evidenced by the attached photos of some very lonely looking elves, and more importantly the incredibly small number of membership drops we’ve had, PEF is well-positioned to counter attacks from New Choice New York or any other group that pops up trying to threaten our existence.

Since becoming PEF President in 2015, I have been preparing for this assault on our union.  PEF staff and I have been educated by and consulted with our parent unions, AFT and SEIU, which have both experienced in other states exactly what we are experiencing now.  Our membership engagement initiative, beginning with the Blizzard Blitz, is working and it’s ongoing.

Just like we did with our successful “No ConCon” campaign, we’ve joined with other statewide unions, the AFL-CIO, NYSUT, UUP and CSEA, to blanket the state with billboards and bus signs in a “New York Union Strong” campaign.

union-benefits-brochureDSTomorrow, Region 8 Coordinator Michael Blue and a group of volunteers from Region 8 will be in the concourse of the Empire State Plaza to speak to and distribute information to our members reinforcing the value of union membership.   With contract negotiations set to begin next month, it’s more important than ever that we have a strong and united membership to support our team.

Thank you all for your commitment to PEF.  When we stand together, we win!

In unity,
Wayne Spence,
PEF President