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Alert – Reports of Union-Busting Canvassers in Capital Region

Alert: Reports of Union-Busting Canvassers within NY State!

We’ve received reports that anti-union door knockers have gone to the private homes of PEF members throughout New York State. Many of these union busters have been shipped in from non-union states and they are spending the holiday season going door-to-door urging our members to leave their union.

While we know our members are sticking with our union, we also know that the special interests that pledged to spend $10 million attacking public employee unions will not back down any time soon. If you have an opportunity, check out the recent pro-union campaign.

I want you to know that PEF is here to support you however we can, as opposed to the special interest union busting groups that are sneakily obtaining your addresses. Over the Summer, these same subversives emailed all New York  public employees at their workplace and now they are  stalking our members at their homes. Have they no shame?  Please keep in mind that PEF would never release your personal information, such as your email or home address, without your approval.

Attached, please find signs that you can print out and attach to your front door to send a message to any would-be union buster: “Union busters aren’t welcome here, I’m sticking with our union!”

PRINT sign # 1          

PRINT sign #2  

We want to tell these union busters “Shame On You,” so if you can, snap a photo of the union buster who comes to your door and we’ll post it on our “Wall Of Shame”.  Send your photos to:  gro.f1632518379ep@sr1632518379etsuB1632518379noinU1632518379

We know our union is stronger than ever, which is what drives our dodgy opponents crazy. This is the campaign that never ends, but it is one that is making us stronger every day.  I am proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with you as we fight to defend our voice, our values, our union.

In Solidarity,
Wayne Spence
PEF President