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PEF Cost Benefit Analysis Legislation Has Been Delivered to the Governor – Take Action

Dear PEF Members, I will begin by stating that the PEF Cost-Benefit Analysis legislation is one of the most important bills that PEF has had pass the New York Legislature in decades and we now have a 10 day deadline. The PEF Cost-Benefit Analysis legislation that has been earnestly pursued for years, has finally been sent to the Governor.  I know you are just as tired as I am watching New York State spend more than $2 billion per year on private consultants, when our PEF members can better accomplish the same professional work, while also saving taxpayers billions of dollars. We only have ten days to help stop the use of expensive private consultants, will you help? Click here

This year PEF members from across the State wrote letters, made phone calls and sent emails that supported the passage of A.2022 (Bronson) / S.383 (Robach) by both the New York State Senate and Assembly. Together we got it through the legislature and together we shall impress upon the Governor, with thousands of letters, just how important it is for him to sign the PEF Cost-Benefit Analysis legislation into law.

We now only have 10 days to contact the Governor!    

This much sought after item of PEF legislation, has now been delivered to the Governor for Executive Action, which means he now has 10 days to either sign the bill into law, or issue a veto.  While the Governor is making his decision, we must use the same ten (10) day period to let him know how important this bill is to every member of PEF.  The cost-benefit legislation will, among other things, require state agencies, for contracts over $750,000, to conduct a cost/benefit study to determine if the current state workforce can do the sought after work for less before passing it off to expensive private consultants.  The bill directs state agencies to perform a cost comparison review and to develop business plans to evaluate the feasibility of entering into any qualifying contract.  Business plans will be submitted to, and reviewed by, the NYS Comptroller. The bill also provides remedies for any state workers laid off as a result of a consultant contract. To read more about the cost-benefit legislation click here A.2022 (Bronson) /  S.383 (Robach)

PEF has prepared a pre-written letter link for your convenience , once you have sent your letter, please forward the information in this email to your co-workers , friends and family members to help amplify our voice. 

 Please take a minute out of your busy schedule to contact Governor Cuomo’s Office and let him know how important it is that he signs this legislation into law.

By telephone:  518-474-8390 you will be asked the bill number, your position of support and your zip code.  The entire process takes less than a minute.

Or Email Governor Cuomo

If you prefer to write your own personalized letter, it can be sent to:
The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
NYS Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224

I would like to thank you in advance for contacting the Governor!
Wayne Spence
PEF President