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Cost-benefit analysis PEF legislation passes NYS Assembly and Senate

PEF Continues Flexing Political Muscle!

Dear PEF Member,

As you know PEF strongly opposes the circumvention of the Civil Service merit system and we will fight any attempt at eroding the Civil Service process. Our sustained focus on fighting to end the erosion of the civil service system continues to pay off!

Coming off a year where we have accomplished so much legislatively, I am proud to announce that yesterday (6/19/18), our legislative team was able to capitalize on the momentum created by the PEF Anti-Privatization Committee to achieve something few thought could be accomplished.

The PEF “Cost-Benefit Analysis” legislation has now passed the New York Senate. This legislation also passed the New York State Assembly this week. This legislation states that when a New York State agency looks to enter into a contract for consultant services, agencies would be required to conduct a cost comparison analysis prior to entering into a contract for consultant services to determine if PEF represented state workers are the less expensive alternative, rather than costly consultants.

Together, we have achieved the following just this year alone:

As you can see, we have made great strides in fighting the attack on civil service merit system. Only a few weeks ago, we were able to also stop the “Title Modernization” plan at the Department of Financial Services (DFS) dead in its tracks. Through continued negotiations, PEF was able to achieve the following:

  • We were able to stop the hiring for non-competitive and exempt positions included in the DFS Title Modernization Initiative.
  • DFS has agreed to establish a workgroup made up of DFS management and PEF leadership to evaluate the administration of exams, opportunities for continuing education and communication with DFS employees about the Title Modernization Initiative.
  • For the first time ever, Civil Service has now agreed to quarterly Executive Labor Management meetings with PEF leadership. The priorities at these quarterly meetings will remain timely exams for your advancement opportunities; fair process for scoring exams; and selective certification safeguards, which include justifying any profile changes.
  • All PEF members are now entitled to sign up for the “Civil Service Institute”, in person and online classes designed to help you fully understand the civil service system and how mobility opportunities work.

Together, we have accomplished so much and I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that with the looming Janus v AFSCME decision it is extremely important that we demonstrate our continued unity to the public, the elected officials and the agency management. If you haven’t already, please take the time to complete the Existing Member Application.

I would like to thank every PEF leader that helped in our legislative engagement and anti-privatization campaigns and also those that encouraged members to write legislative letters, make phone calls and office visits. Special thanks goes out to Assemblyman Bronson and Senator Robach who have fought alongside PEF for this amazing victory.

Thank you for all you do. #WeAreStrongerTogether

Wayne Spence
PEF President