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PEF Nurses & EMS members rally at Stony Brook Hospital

Chanting “Be Fair To Those Who Care” and “Our EMS Are The Best!”, hundreds of PEF nurses and EMS workers at Stony Brook University Medical Center held an informational picket in the pouring rain yesterday to highlight the severe long-term shortage of health care workers at Stony Brook, the center’s inability to retain qualified staff, pay inequity, and the effects these issues have on patient care.

PEF President Wayne Spence told the crowd, “Nurses here make extremely less money compared to their counterparts at Mather, St. Charles, Southside and Huntington,” said Wayne Spence, president of the New York State Public Employees Federation, the union representing the hospital workers. “A nurse after 10 years here at Stony Brook will make $33,000 less than a nurse at Huntington… and they make about $10,000 less in their first year than at comparable hospitals.” #WeAreStrongerTogether

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