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PEF Time Machine – Celebrating Our 40th Anniversary

In honor of PEF’s 40th anniversary of becoming a professional NYS labor union, we will showcase key moments of our members fight for union solidarity and workers’ rights. Enjoy this special installment. TIME; January, 1987. PLACE: NYC. ISSUE: PEF members protesting upcoming NYS budget cuts to statewide services.

IGNORING THE WEATHER — More than 500 PEF members braved the blizzard which crippled New York City in January 1987 to protest outside Gov. Mario Cuomo’s office. Demonstrator’s trudged and chanted, holding up their signs through the snow for hours, demanding Cuomo restore needed funds to vital Labor Department programs in the proposed state budget. Other rallies were held statewide.

coverjanfeb1987Communicator archive, Volume 4, No. 1 January/February, 1987

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