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Training for Civil Service exams a big hit with ITS employees

GETTING EXAM READY – Bill Moonan, statewide chair of the IT Committee, and PEF Region 8 Coordinator Michael Blue address members who work in information technology at a study group at PEF headquarters in September led by Joseph Nuss, a member of the PEF Region 8 IT Training Sub-Committee.

Hundreds of PEF members who work at the state Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) benefited from PEF-organized training and study groups before taking a series of civil service exams.

Bill Moonan, chair of the Statewide IT Committee and co-chair of the PEF Region 8 IT Committee, said PEF President Wayne Spence sent an email to all IT members in September informing them of training sessions, study groups and online training videos.

“We scheduled a series of three classes at the American Legion Post in Albany that covered all the exam subjects. Approximately 150 people attended each one.

“These classes were sponsored by the Statewide and Region 8 IT Committees. We sold tickets at $12 each, which paid for the classes. Because the demand for the training was so great, we also provided free study groups. Five were held at PEF headquarters, and others from New York City and Long Island to Rochester and Buffalo,” Moonan said.

PEF Trustee Sarah Lauser, an information technology specialist 4, trains as a second career and led the three Albany training sessions. She also offered training videos on her website, NYSITS.org, which is not affiliated with ITS, to members who were unable to attend. Ten members of the Region 8 IT sub-committee also assisted with training classes.

Bill Moonan

Bill Moonan

Moonan credited several Division 357 stewards and members who organized the study groups, plus PEF Regional Coordinators Michael Blue and Bernadette O’Connor.

“I worked extensively with Mike Blue as he was instrumental, along with Mario Chiarello, for organizing the training classes,” Moonan said.

“I’d also like to recognize Chris Ford who created study groups for Yammer, a social networking service for private communications within organizations. He had more than 1,000 ITS employees in his group, and helped promote the other training classes and the NYSITS.org website.”

Spence said, “This cohesive group effort is another example of what can be accomplished when we work together. But I’d like to acknowledge one ITS member, Prakash Lal, who has continuously raised the issue of ITS training at our Executive Board meetings and at PEF’s convention.”

“This rolled out as a pilot program.” Moonan said. “Through the training, study groups and Sarah’s website, we reached thousands of members. We considered it a great success. Because of the overwhelming demand from our members for this type of training, we plan to expand this program and offer training throughout the state. We also believe this can be done for other Civil Service exams for members who work at other agencies or facilities.”


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