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PEF 39th Annual Convention, Day 2 Lake Placid, NY Oct. 22-25

PEF 39th Annual Convention, Day 2 Lake Placid, NY Oct. 22-25. Delegates, download the Convention Guidebook App here. Photos will be posted on this page with photos being posted on PEF’s Facebook page also. Also, on Twitter #WeAreStrongerTogether

TUESDAY AGENDA: H&S Breakfast, AM & PM Plenary, Veterans’ & Cultural Awareness



CCLP, Salon A & B, (Tickets required. Additional fees apply)

8:45 AM Coffee Service, Hall of Fame, Level 2

9:00 AM – 11:00 AM EXIBITOR AREA OPEN CCLP, Lussi Ballroom

9:00 AM – 1:00 PM PLENARY SESSION CCLP, 1932 Jack Shea Arena, Level 2

Pledge of Allegiance  Captain Latonia Taylor, PEF Veterans’ Committee

National Anthem Nora Higgins, Region 12 Coordinator

Credentials Committee Report Stephanie McLean-Beathley, Credentials Committee Chair

Guest Speaker Mario Cilento, President, NYS AFL-CIO

Guest Speaker Andy Pallotta, President, NYSUT

Secretary-Treasurer’s Report Kevin R. Hintz

Trustees Report Maureen Kellman,  Sarah Lauser, Maddie Shannon-Roberts



1:00 PM – 2:30 PM VETERANS’ LUNCHEON CCLP, Salon A & B


2:30 PM – 4:30 PM PLENARY SESSION CCLP, 1932 Jack Shea Arena, Level 2

Greetings from PEF Retirees Jim Carr, President

State & Federal Legislative Agendas Adreina Adams, Vice President and SW Political Action Chair


WORKSHOPS 4:45 PM – 6:00 PM

Civil Service and Career Moblilty – Crowne Plaza, Olympic 4

Presenters: Kevin Jones, PEF Director of Civil Service and Christine Durivage, Associate Staffing Services Representative, NYS Dept. of Civil Service/Career Mobility Office.

Do you have questions about career options with the state? Do you know what career counseling services or resources are available, or who you can call with questions? Find the help you are looking for here!

Divisions Treasurer Training – Crowne Plaza, Olympic 2

Presenter: Kevin Lawyer, PEF Accounts Receivable Clerk

An overview of how our divisions are funded, the services provided by PEF, and what is required to properly document expenditures. Detailed coverage of the specific reports required of divisions and when they need to be submitted to PEF headquarters to maintain funding. Open Q&A session at the end.

Ethics and Elections – Crowne Plaza, Skyview

Presenter: Don Morgenstern, Retiree Executive Board Representative

The PEF triennial elections are only a few months away. As a democratic union, PEF has a rich history of contested elections. A number of these elections have resulted in appeals both within PEF and to outside entities such as our parent unions, the state Department of Labor and to the federal government. This workshop will summarize past elections and go over what is required, ethical, and legal under PEF policies and the federal LMRDA. This workshop will be helpful to potential candidates and their supporters in any PEF election

Human Rights/EEOC – Crowne Plaza, Olympic 1

Presenters: Iris Carrasquillo, Human Rights Specialist III and Bellew McManus, Esq.

This workshop will address the topic of discrimination in Housing and Employment, and explain affirmative action and what it means. It is intended to educate and ensure that PEF members receive equal opportunity in employment and housing statewide, as well as understand the process. We will review the different facets of the investigative process: The procurement of filing for complaints, including conciliation or settlement of complaints, punitive damages and civil fines. There will also be a discussion about the difference between filing a complaint with the State and Federal Agencies.

Protecting Yourself from the Justice Center – Crowne Plaza, Olympic 3

Presenters: Martin Blair, PEF Field Representative, Heidi Warwick, PEF Field Representative and Emily Hannigan, Esq. Lippes, Mathias, Wexler & Friedman, LLP, Barbara Nectow, PEF Field Representative

This training will address how to protect yourself from the Justice Center, including prevention, dealing with investigations and the appeals process. A representative from Lippes Mathias Wexler Friedman LLP along with PEF Field Representatives will explain the PEF Justice Center Legal Defense Benefit and how Justice Center investigations intersect with the protections of Article 33 of the contract.

Membership Benefits – Crowne Plaza, Grandview B

Presenters: Scott Harms, PEF MBP Administrator, Buffy Horan, PEF MBP Insurance Executive Marketing Coordinator and Debbie Shepard, PEF MBP Marketing Assistant

Everyone knows a little something about the Membership Benefits Program’s benefits. But, do you really know about the key features of our many benefits and what you can receive in great value and savings?  Join us for this informative, informal, and fun workshop and leave with a thorough understanding of what Membership Benefit Program benefits and do for you and your family.

Social Media/Email Etiquette – Crowne Plaza, Grandview A

Presenters: Tammy Carney, PEF Training Specialist 

Social media allows unions to have personal conversations with hundreds of members and supporters. Move away from old forms of media and into a social network to communicate across vast distances at any time of the day. Through social media you can campaign globally, raise awareness of issues locally, or build support from non-traditional regions. Learn the importance of this organizing tool along with effective email communication to create and maintain positive engagement with members.

Overview of Workers’ Compensation for PEF Members 

NOTE LOCATION-Conference Center Lake Placid (CCLP), Van Hoevenberg

Presenters: Geraldine Stella, PEF Occupational H&S Specialist, Paige Engelhardt, PEF H&S Trainer

Injured members often face an array of complicated, confusing issues while involved in the workers’ compensation system. In addition from physical and emotional trauma associated with their injuries, workers’ may also find themselves stressed out from problems accessing workers’ compensation benefits. This workshop will provide an overview on topics including: how to file for workers compensation, PEF/NYS contractual and Civil Service Law benefits, use of accruals, waiting periods, controverted claims, temporary and permanent disability benefits, medical benefits, payment of wages, and return to work.

Committee Meetings, Farewell Dance*


5:30 PM – 8:30 PM CONSTITUENCY GROUP MEETINGS (listed individually below)

5:30 PM – 8:30 PM Caribbean-American Committee Golden Arrow, Four Seasons Room

5:30 PM – 7:30 PM Indo-American Committee CCLP, Intervale

5:30 PM – 8:00 PM PEF Pride (LGTBQ Committee) CCLP, Whiteface

8:30 PM – 10:00 PM PEF Black Caucus Golden Arrow, Four Seasons Room

9:00 PM – 12:00 PM FAREWELL DANCE* CCLP, Lussi Ballroom, Level 2

*We’re bringing back the 80’s! Break out the parachute pants, legwarmers, overalls, track suits, polos, acid-washed denim, shoulder pads,  pastel jackets, oversized gold jewelry, and anything neon! Advance purchase guest tickets required. Appetizers will be served. Delegates and paid guests receive two drink tickets per person. Music and photo booth to be provided by SoundFormula Entertainment.