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2017 State Legislative Session Wrap-Up

A message from PEF President Wayne Spence to PEF members:

2017 was another successful year for PEF and our Legislative Department. This session, which concluded just before midnight last night, saw the passage of many bills of import to PEF members. Notable bills included, but are not limited to, legislation to save Western New York Children’s Psychiatric Center, parity for injured Parole Officers and funding for SUNY hospitals. In addition, we were able to introduce, per Convention changes to the 2017 State Legislative Agenda, bills to require geographic pay differentials similar to the federal government and expanded injury parity for certain specialists and officers. Please be aware that there is a possibility that the Legislature will reconvene in the near future. We expect a very limited agenda primarily focused on mayoral control of New York City schools and local sales tax issues.

As you know, this is year one of a two year legislative cycle. Our focus this year was primarily on getting bills either introduced or reintroduced. Next year, in addition to introducing new initiatives, we will be pushing to get the rest of these important bills through both houses. In the closing weeks of session, we heard from many legislators that they were impressed and influenced by our members’ correspondence. We will build on this momentum as we head into next year.

Below are two links of PEF’s legislation that passed one or both houses of the Legislature:

• Click here for a memo from President Spence detailing the legislative wrap-up

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