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The 2016-2019 PEF/State Contract is now available online


The final language of the 2016-2019 PEF/State Contract is now available online.

In a continued effort to provide information as quickly as possible, please click here  to view or download the PS&T 2016-2019 Contract. The 247 page PEF contract has been converted into a fully searchable PDF format, which is a great resource tool.

Note: On most computers you will need to hold the  “CONTROL”  and the “F”  keyboard button in order to activate the search function. You then insert the exact term you are searching for.

The States initiative to maintain “green” policies has them removing themselves from the printing business as a way to protect the environment, save costs and reduce waste. This means the entire printing cost must now be borne by the Union. Previously, the printing costs were equally divided between each union and the State. For the 2011-2015 agreement the total cost of printing and mailing was approximately $180,000.00. Article 43 can be found in the copy of the full contract (Page 99), which was mailed to each member’s home during the previous two ratification processes. Also included in Article 43 is the requirement that both the State and PEF will publish a text searchable electronic copy of the agreement on each of our websites.  Click here for the States’ (GOER) website.

Additional PEF contract information is located here.

In Solidarity,
Wayne Spence
PEF President