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Status of the PEF Contract Pay Bill

PEF Members:

I, along with all of you, want to make sure the PEF pay bill is acted on in a timely manner.  Please know that PEF is doing everything possible to have the PEF pay bill released by the Governor’s Office for introduction in the Senate and Assembly, and approved by the Legislature as quickly as possible.  To ensure the PEF pay bill does not fall off the “to do list”, I just personally spoke to the Governor’s senior advisor who assured me that this is being acted upon.

Please keep in mind, the legislature came back into session on January 4th and have only had six sessions so far.  Taking that into account, we are not behind where we’ve been with previous contract’s pay bill action.

I will keep you updated as the pay bill moves through the legislative process for certain approval.

In unity,
Wayne Spence
PEF President