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PEF Files Class Action Grievance – M/C to PS&T Salaries

Yesterday, PEF filed a class action grievance regarding the State’s salary reconstructions for the M/C to PS&T Unit transferees. Please note that, to date, we have not received information that would lead us to believe that these employees’ salaries were incorrectly calculated.  However, given that PEF has received questions and requests for clarification of the State’s methodology, we filed this grievance to preserve our members’ rights in the event further analysis leads to that conclusion.

As before, affected members with salary questions should continue to work with their Field Representatives, who can assist them with requesting an explanation from the agency about how it determined the member’s reconstructed salary. Then, if the member disagrees with the agency’s salary reconstruction, the Field Representative can assist the member with filling out a form to submit to the Office of the State Comptroller. OSC will then do a salary reconstruction to determine if the member is being properly paid. If, after reviewing OSC’s salary reconstruction, questions remain, Field Services will request that PEF’s Civil Service Enforcement/Research Department review and research any remaining salary issues.