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Help Protect Our Most Precious Resource – Save The Western NY Children’s Psychiatric Center

A group of concerned parents, children, community activists, workers and elected officials came together in 2014 and initially stopped New York State from merging the WNY Children’s Psychiatric Center (WNYCPC) into the Adult Buffalo Psychiatric Center. Reach out to your Legislators and the Governor! Tell them to save The Western New York Children’s Psychiatric Center. Contact the Executive Office at 1-518-474-8390, or use Social Media at http://www.Twitter.com/nygovcuomo http://www.Facebook.com/GovernorAndrewCuomo and leave a message for Gov. Cuomo.

New to This? No Problem! Suggested Talking Points:
• Hello, my name is _______________ and I live in the community that will be impacted by the consolidation of Western New York Children’s Psychiatric Center and Buffalo Psychiatric Center.

• I wanted to call to express my concern for the wellbeing of these children and adults.

• I’m urging you to reconsider the decision by New York State to consolidate these two facilities.

• Children and their families that have been successfully treated at WNY Children’s have all stated that a key, critical component to the healing of these children has been the therapeutic environment of the building itself and surrounding grounds. A safe, tranquil, and child-friendly 72 acres with bike paths and wildlife around a one floor, open design building that was specially created to be an important part of the healing process itself. Many of the children and adolescents in the facility have been traumatized at the hands of adults. Please consider how interacting with or seeing adults in an environment of care will impact their growth and recovery.

• Do not trade a small cost savings for the safety of our children. Please come up with another, child-centered plan.

Ground Rules: Be kind but firm. Feel free to tell a personal story or the story of a loved one (no need to use names). Invite staff to come to events in your community. Invite them to follow-up with you for feedback. Tell them this is a priority!