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PS&T Regional Contract Meeting Schedule

Regional contract town hall meeting schedule. Make plans to attend. DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS? WE HAVE ANSWERS!

The PEF Contract Team will be in attendance to answer your questions.

PEF Members: Regional Contract Meeting Schedule is available here for download (5 Page PDF – Revised Nov. 22, 9:00am). And as individual fliers for posting. See links below.

Please post the contract meeting notices below that pertain to your region, on your PEF bulletin board, in your work facility and circulate among your fellow PEF brothers and sisters. Post on your personal social media accounts.

Voting on the 2016-19 PS&T contract will begin. In order to help ensure good participation by our membership, we have developed a poster (Click here or on the poster to your left to download now). that  you can post on bulletin boards, or other acceptable locations.

Contract Meetings Concluded:
• Contract Meeting Region 11 Brooklyn (DOL) Dec. 7.pdf
• Contract Meeting Region 10 Manhattan/Bronx (ACCES-VR) Dec. 6.pdf
• Contract Meeting Region 11 Brooklyn (Metro Tech Center) Dec. 5.pdf
• Contract Meeting Region 11 Brooklyn (NYSED) Dec. 2.pdf
• Contract Meeting Region 11 South Beach Dec. 2.pdf (CANCELLED)
• Contract Meeting Region 10 Manhattan/Bronx (Teamsters Local 237 Hall) Dec. 1.pdf
• Contract Meeting Region 9 Poughkeepsie (Headquarters) Dec.1.pdf
Contract Meeting Region 11 Brooklyn (Long Island City) Dec. 1.pdf
• Contract Meeting Region 1 Buffalo WNY DDSO-DDRO Nov. 28.pdf
• Contract Meeting Region 8 Albany (ENCON rm.) Nov. 29.pdf
• Contract Meeting Region 3 Rochester (Roch. Psych Center & Henrietta) Nov. 29.pdf
• Contract Meeting Region 9 Poughkeepsie (OMH New Rochelle) Nov. 30.pdf
• Contract Meeting Region 2 Elmira (Elmira CF) Nov. 30.pdf
• Contract Meeting Region 4 Syracuse/Watertown Nov. 22.pdf
• Contract Meeting Region 5 Binghamton/Glendale Nov. 22.pdf
• Contract Meeting Region 7 Potsdam/Ogdensburg Nov. 22.pdf
• Contract Meeting Region 9 Poughkeepsie (White Plains) Nov. 22.pdf
• Contract Meeting Region 5 Binghamton/Relief Pitcher Nov. 21.pdf
• Contract Meeting Region 11 Brooklyn (Downstate) Nov. 21.pdf
• Contract Meeting Region 1 Buffalo Gowanda Nov. 21.pdf
• Contract Meeting Region 8 Albany (Victory Cafe) Nov. 15.pdf
• Contract Meeting Region 8 Albany Nov. 17.pdf
• Contract Meeting Region 6 Utica (New Hartford at Danielle’s) Nov. 14.pdf
• Contract Meeting Region 12 Long Island/Hauppauge PEF Office Nov. 14.pdf
• Contract Meeting Region 10 Manhattan (Bronx Psych) Nov. 10.pdf
Contract Meeting Region 10 Lower Manhattan Nov. 10.pdf
• Contract Meeting Region 8 Albany (CDPC) Nov. 10.pdf
• Contract Meeting Region 11 Brooklyn (Creedmore/Combined) Nov 9.pdf
• Contract Meeting Region 11 Brooklyn (TWU Headquaters) Nov 9.pdf
• Contract Meeting Region 8 Albany Oct. 31.pdf
Contract Meeting Region 8 Albany (Uptown) Oct.31.pdf
Contract Meeting Region 6 Utica Nov. 1.pdf
Contract Meeting Region 7 Potsdam Nov. 1.pdf
Contract Meeting Region 4 Syracuse Nov. 2.pdf
Contract Meeting Region 5 Binghamton Nov. 2.pdf
Contract Meeting Region 1 Buffalo Nov. 3.pdf
Contract Meeting Region 2 Hornell Nov 3.pdf
Contract Meetings Region 3 Rochester Nov. 4.pdf
Contract Meeting Region 9 Poughkeepsie Nov. 7.pdf
• Contract Meeting Region 10 Manhattan (Harlem SOB/Combined ) Nov. 7.pdf
Contract Meetings Region 12 Long Island Nov. 8.pdf

Click here for further region contact infomation

Click here to download this “REMEMBER THE CONTRACT DATES” flier