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PEF Deficit Reduction Leave (DRL) Repayments Ending

As you may recall, the 2011-2015 PEF/State Contract included a Deficit Reduction Leave (DRL) program.  As part of the DRL program, the total amount of each PS&T Unit employee’s deficit  reduction plan deductions was repaid to employees in equal biweekly installments over 39 consecutive pay periods beginning with the paycheck of April 16, 2015 (Institution) and April 22, 2015 (Administration).  Those repayments are now nearing their completion.

Repayment of the DRL deductions for PEF-represented employees will end in the paycheck dated September 29, 2016 (Institution) and October 5, 2016 (Administration).

Employees should be aware that they will see a decrease in their paychecks because the DRL repayments are ending.

For more information please see the attached Office of the State Comptroller’s Payroll Bulletin #1381 concerning the DRL Reduction Repayments.