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Budget Call To Action

PEF Members, we’re entering the home-stretch of state budget season and we request your involvement to ensure PEF’s budget priorities are secured. A fact sheet outlining PEF’s priorities is linked below.

PEF leaders have already laid the groundwork. Your statewide leaders have testified at several legislative hearings; PEF local leaders were provided letters addressing PEF’s budget concerns and have been meeting with lawmakers to disseminate those letters and discuss PEF concerns.

Now it’s time for you to join the fight to let your legislators know what is important to PEF.  Please call your lawmakers click here, and/or sign one of the letters linked below and send it in:

If you have any questions, please call PEF Legislative Director, Greg Amorosi at
518-432-4003 or email gro.f1627458601ep@is1627458601oromA1627458601G1627458601