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Analyzing the 2016-17 Executive Budget

Message from PEF President Wayne Spence:

PEF Members: Attached is a memo from the PEF Legislative Office and the Research Department staff that analyzes the major provisions of the proposed Executive Budget for State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2016-17.

Click Here to view 2016-17 all agency budget analysis
Click Here to download 2016-17_budget highlights final.pdf
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Click Here to download workforce impact summary report2016-17.pdf

While we are glad there are no planned layoffs or additional facility closures included in the proposal, we must always remain vigilant in advocating for the continuity of employment for our members and to protect the services they provide to New Yorkers.

Our main concerns in the budget proposal include the following:
• The governor’s continued reliance on contractors to provide the services qualified and educated PEF members should be providing, particularly in the Office of Information Technology Services and the Department of Transportation;

• Impact on the state workforce through planned attrition especially in the Office of People with Developmental Disabilities, the Office of Mental Health and the Department of Taxation and Finance;

• Differential health care premium contributions for new civilian retirees based on years of service;

• Eliminating reimbursement for the Medicare Part B Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amounts (IRMAA) for state retirees with adjusted gross incomes of over $85,000;

• Freezing the reimbursement of the Medicare Part B Standard Premium for new state retirees at $104.90 per month. The state will no longer  provide reimbursement for the federal cost of living adjustment (currently $17 a month);

• Sweeping changes to the Workers Compensation law.

The PEF Executive Council and Statewide Political Action Committee will be meeting in the coming weeks to identify our budget priorities and you will soon be receiving further information delineating PEF’s budget concerns.

Your role in engaging our members will be critical in our advocacy and budget fight back strategies, which will involve not only engaging our members, but also joining with other unions and community groups to ensure our budget priorities are achieved.

United We Bargain, Divided We Beg.
In Unity,
Wayne Spence
PEF President