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Article 15 Update

As previously announced, PEF and GOER recently negotiated an agreement to fund a$2.25 million tuition reimbursement program for the 2016 calendar year. Since then, PEF and the State met in their joint Professional Development Committee, and we are pleased to announce that the Committee has developed guidelines (linked below) to implement the program.

Again, the restoration of this program will allow Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (PS&T) Unit members to continue to access tuition benefits while we continue to negotiate the successor agreement to the contract that expired in April 2015. We understand the importance of continuity for those currently pursuing additional education, and we are pleased that we can provide some measure of assistance even as we continue our negotiations.

Attached please find links to the guidelines, including updates and additions made by the New York State-PEF Professional Development Committee for the tuition, training and professional development programs available to employees in the PS&T Unit.

• College Tuition Reimbursement (CTR) Program

Employees can apply for full or partial reimbursement for as many as two qualifying courses at any accredited college or university once the course has been successfully completed and payment has been made to the school.

Courses must begin start between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016.

Complete program guidelines are available at:



• Nurses’ Enhanced College Tuition Reimbursement (NECTR) Program

For eligible PEF-represented nurses, this enhanced program provides up to two additional CTR reimbursements for qualifying tuition costs. Nurses who meet eligibility requirements may use additional CTR reimbursement toward extra courses, or they may apply an enhanced CTR reimbursement to a single qualifying course where the cost of tuition exceeds the maximum value of a CTR reimbursement under the regular CTR program. Complete program guidelines are available at:


• Workshop and Seminar Reimbursement (WSR) Program and Nurses’

Enhanced WSR Program and Certification and License Exam Fee

Reimbursement (CLEFR) Program

The fiscal year 2015-2016 Workshop and Seminar Reimbursement (WSR) Program and the Certification and Licensure Exam Fee Reimbursement (CLEFR) Program sunset on December 31, 2015. Applications will not be accepted for courses or exams with a start date of January 1, 2016 or beyond.

Information regarding the future of these programs will be posted as soon as it is available.

If there are any questions about the programs described in the attachment, go to

http://www.goer.state.ny.us/train/pst/ or contact Kim Loccisano at the PEF Education

and Training Department at 1-800-342-4306 ext. 240.