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Members at OITS gather to combat privatization

PEF Division 357 members attend town hall meetings

Albany – Dozens of PEF members who work at the state Office of Information Technology Services attended town hall meetings that focused on what appears to be another privatization attempt by the state. After listening to remarks by PEF President Wayne Spence on how the union needs input and support from each member to tackle this problem, members asked questions and shared their work issues.

PEF Vice President Nikki Brate explained that the devotion and professionalism of the members in PEF Division 357, who are doing more with less, as in other state agencies, must start documenting issues such as out-of-title work. Council Leader Penny Howansky also spoke about people being “re-purposed.”

Spence said PEF’s Organizing and Legislative Departments are addressing the concerns of members working at OITS, and urged members to provide contact information, not only to keep everyone updated, but if the need arises for a day of action. Members at OITS were also urged to visit www.PEFD357.org on a regular basis, and sign-up in its database.