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More Delegates get their union on

“Thanks to you and your outstanding team, Our 37 PEF Convention was a great success!. We got to the business at hand as a professional union and were able to complete our agenda for the members we serve. There were some excellent training sessions and some very inspiring speakers. We are definitely on the right track to GET OUR UNION ON!!!!” – Carol, PEF Delegate

“Not only was this a great job by Wayne, Kevin, Nikki and the officers but all delegates demonstrated that within the spirit of unity and moving forward, we can all accept each other and move forward without rancor, vindictiveness or retaliation. The programs were good, the speakers exceptional, the social events were well planned. Any minor or inconvenient glitches were worked out successfully.” – Germaine, PEF Delegate

“What a GREAT PEF Conversation. I feel proud!!!! Let’s Get Our Union On” – Darlene, PEF Delegate