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PEF Leaders, staff unite to reflect upon Sept. 11

Under a sunny sky dotted with clouds, PEF leaders, members and staff joined together on the morning of September 11, 2015, to remember those who perished in the terrorist attacks 14 years ago.  The time of reflection opened with The Pledge of Alliance, led by PEF retiree Bob Harms.

PEF President Wayne Spence spoke about that horrific day, and how he lost a colleague who perished in the first tower. PEF Executive Secretary to the President, Sharon Parker, sang a beautiful rendition of “God Bless America.” And Executive Board Member Barrington Scott also addressed the audience, saying how very fortunate he was to escape the attacks, and how devastated and horrified the PEF members were who survived. A moment of silence followed.

Spence, Scott, Harms and PEF Vice President Nikki Brate read the names of those who perished, which are engraved on the PEF monument.

In an unprecedented and gracious gesture, Spence invited staff to speak. United Steelworkers Local 9265 leaders, Geraldine Stella , followed by Susan Radosh, talked briefly about the importance of safety in the workplace and the need for greater peace in the world.

At the same time, PEF’s Executive Board was meeting in Albany. PEF Secretary-Treasurer Kevin Hintz officiated at another Sept. 11 commemorative event. He spoke about the shocking heartache everyone felt, not just as union members, but Americans. Several of the board members shared their memories of that day.