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A Message from PEF President Wayne Spence

As I begin my tenure as PEF President, I want to express my gratitude and commitment to all of the members of our great union.

It’s a tremendous honor and responsibility to assume this role. I will do my best on your behalf.  I will work hard to unify our ranks. Toward that end, I want to thank outgoing President Susan Kent and her leadership team for their service.

Moving forward, I will work as quickly as I can to put in place a qualified team to assume leadership roles within the union.  I will focus our people on the important challenges ahead – such as getting ready for contract negotiations.

In this regard, I want everyone to know that I’ve already begun the process of establishing a dialogue with the Cuomo administration. I want our interactions with the administration to be professional and respectful at all times. Having said that, we will be determined and aggressive in advocating for the interests of our members.
I also want to reassure all members that my team and I are committed to accountability. Toward this end, we will be undertaking a comprehensive review of operations to ensure the highest ethical standards and most rigorous financial controls. You expect and deserve this, and we are committed to following through.

There are indeed many challenges ahead. I can’t promise perfection on the job; I will make mistakes but I will always place the interests of the members first in all of our endeavors.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to serve the union we all love.

In unity,
Wayne Spence