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Contract Talks Update

The PS&T Contract Team secured June 24 and 25 contract negotiation dates with the state, and had been meeting on a regular basis with the state since April. A contract negotiation meeting did occur on June 24, which included a joint exchange of proposals by the state and PEF. As a result, the Contract Team met with me on June 25 to debrief on the June 24 meeting.

It has become public knowledge that there will be changes to the contract team, including replacing Maureen Kellman as the chair. I believe this, in conjunction with the recent PEF election, resulted in no future meeting dates being secured from the state at this time.

I believe it is important that the integrity of the Contract Team be maintained. The contract team I put in place has served you well and Maureen Kellman’s role as chair is one that is second to none. While Maureen will no longer be part of the contract team, it is important that the work of the contract team she led be known to the membership.

The conceptual proposals that were presented to the state reflect the issues and concerns of PEF members throughout the state. It was important to hear from the members directly and this was accomplished through contract surveys, workshops at last year’s PEF convention, which were all focused on contract issues of the membership, as well as contract pre-negotiation meetings that were held throughout the state to hear from the members directly.

At this time, it is imperative that all PEF members fight for the contract they need and deserve. Toward that end, you will be able to find the conceptual proposals that Ms. Kellman and the contract team have presented to the state in the secure section we created on the PEF website known as the “Members Only” zone. These proposals cover economic gain throughout the contract, as well as language to ensure re-professionalization of PEF members and worklife/homelife balance for PEF members.

The Kent-Garcia administration was elected in 2012 to negotiate the contract PEF members need and deserve. On behalf of the Kent-Garcia administration, Maureen Kellman and the contract team she led, we urge PEF members to fight for the contract they need and deserve.

– Susan M. Kent, PEF President