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An Important Nurses Classification Message from President Susan M. Kent

On April 16, 2015 we informed PEF represented nurses and PEF leaders that we had secured an agreement to collect and provide Civil Service with information from the nurses in order for Civil Service to conduct a comprehensive review of the nursing classification.
The significance of this effort cannot be underestimated, as prior PEF Administrations took the position that they could not initiate Civil Service classification reviews.
Since that time, there has been a concerted campaign by some PEF leaders to provide members with false information in order to undermine the reallocation review of PEF represented nurses. It is entirely inappropriate and in extremely poor judgment for these PEF elected officials to be spreading misinformation to members and working against such an important PEF agreement between the PEF President, PEF’s Director of Civil Service and the NYS Commissioner of Civil Service. I assure you that Civil Service is proceeding with this review and is working in good faith with PEF.
Last week I had to post a similar message about false information being given about our Contract negotiations with NYS. Similarly, I remind you that this website, emails from my administration and labor on the move are your sources of accurate information regarding this first step to move PEF forward to gain recognition regarding classification issues that impact PEF members.

If you didn’t complete the CC-2E form click HERE.  Due to misinformation, it is not too late. Fill it out now and email to Jane Briggs, fax it to(518) 783-1117 or mail to PEF at POB 12414, Albany, NY 12212. If you have any questions, please contact Jane Briggs in my office at (518) 785-1900 ext. 211 or email to Jane Briggs.

Please see the date links for memos dated today June 15, 2015, May 5, 2015 and April 16, 2015 for information on this initiative’s background and on Civil Service process.