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PEF Contract Talks Are Underway

Albany – Formal negotiations for the PS&T contract between PEF and the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations (GOER) took off Wednesday, April 15 in Colonie. PEF’s 19 member team, plus sDSC_0002taff advisors, sat across a full team from GOER, headed by Joseph Bress, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s labor negotiator.



Maureen Kellman, chair of the contract team, shook hands with Bress as a sign of good faith bargaining before the team started their discussion. Both teams came well-prepared and enthusiastic to tackle the contract proposals.


PEF has been preparing for this meeting since October, and is focused on getting a fair contract that includes economic gain, re-professionalism of PEF, and a work life/home life balance.


As negotiations continue, PEF will keep members informed without compromising the integrity of the negotiations.