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Support the Veteran’s Equality Act – Contact Governor Cuomo TODAY

PEF is again asking lawmakers to support the Veteran’s Equality Bill, also known as the Veterans Buyback Bill.

Contact the Governor – Ask Him to Put the Veterans’ Equality Act in the final State Fiscal Year 2015-16 State Budget – Thanks for Your Help – Let’s Get This Bill Into the Budget!!

The Senate is set on getting this in the budget AND the Assembly is now backing them in the budget negotiations. The Governor is the one pushing back.

In order to get this done we must tell the Governor.  Now more than ever we need to have people contacting the Governor’s Office asking for this to be included in the budget. EMAILS AND PHONE CALLS DAILY between now and Tuesday are essential!


Kelly Brady is the Governor’s Correspondence Aide. Her email is: vog.y1627434855n.cex1627434855e@yda1627434855rb.yl1627434855leK1627434855

Website:  www.governor.ny.gov

Twitter:  @NYGovCuomo

Phone:    518-474-8390

The Veterans Equality Bill would expand the eligibility of public employees who are veterans of U.S. military service to buy back up to three years of state pension service credit. It would make all public employees eligible who had at least five years of actual service credit and who were honorably discharged from military service, regardless of the dates or locations of their military service.