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Message from the Kent/Garcia Administration

A newspaper article in the Albany Times Union on December 2, 2014 stated that the Public Employees Federation did a phone survey to ask, among other things, members’ feelings about videotaping Executive Board meetings.  This administration of PEF did NOT engage in any kind of phone survey.  In fact, we pledged no robo-calls will be used by this administration, yet we must let you know that we have concerns as we have been made aware that a robo-call was made after last year’s and this year’s PEF conventions, which were not at this administration’s direction.  We want to assure you that PEF data has not been compromised and we  will also be putting the robo-call company used by the prior administration on notice that they are not authorized by the current administration to use PEF data.

The PEF Public Relations Department will be videotaping the PEF Executive Board meeting on December 4th and 5th.  Although Nikki Brate, the Region 8 Coordinator raised false concerns that the intended purpose of videotaping the meeting is to intimidate Executive Board members, and that videotaping will sabotage contract negotiations with the state and result in “video wars”, we believe videotaping will provide greater transparency and full member accessibility to the Executive Board’s actions.   The only recordings allowed without express permission of the Secretary-Treasurer are the official transcript and now the official video.  Videos, as well as transcripts are already done at the PEF Convention and both modes were in practice prior to this administration.  The video will be housed in the secure Members Only section of the PEF website, where currently members can already access written transcripts of the meeting.