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Governor Signs PEF Supported Geologist Licensing Bill into Law

Governor Cuomo approved legislation last week (A.4753-C/S.3810-C) supported by PEF that adds geologists to the list of professionals currently licensed by the State Education Department.PEF supports measures to establish and maintain high standards of professionalism to protect the public interest.

PEF represents professional geologists employed by New York State agencies, including the Department of Environmental Conservation and the Department of Transportation. This bill would establish for the first time a provision for the licensing of geologists with appropriate requirements to ensure that persons practicing this profession are qualified.

Acknowledging that important role geologists play in protecting our environment the Governor said in his approval message that “Rigorous licensure requirements for this profession will provide the public with an assurance of a minimum and standard level of competency and professional accountability.”

Geologists routinely conduct investigations and provide interpretive geologic services related to the development and protection of groundwater resources, the assessment and development of  mineral, gas, and oil reserves, and the environmental clean-up of hazardous wastes and the potential for migration of contamination.

Rendering expert opinion regarding geological conditions can have significant impact on the environmental quality of New York State and on the safety, property, and well-being of its citizens. Currently, twenty-four states, including California, Illinois, Florida, and Pennsylvania require licensure of geologists.

Click HERE to see PEF’s Memo of Support for this legislation: