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PEF Region 12 Holds Legislative Meetings

PEF leaders, members and retirees were joined by 17 PEF-endorsed candidates at a legislative meeting today held at the PEF Region 12 Field Office in Hauppauge.

The legislators and candidates addressed several issues pertinent to the union and the Long Island area including the closures and downsizing of facilities operated by the state Office of Mental Health, Office for People with Developmental Disabilities and Office for Children and Family Services.

PEF Region 12 Coordinator Connie Batts said the 50 members in attendance also fielded questions about retiree health benefits, the dramatic decrease in the state work force since 2005, and the Tri Borough Amendment which allows for programs in the PS&T contract to continue after the contract expires.

Some of the legislators in attendance included: Phil Ramos, Joseph Saladino, Michael Fitzpatrick, John Flanagan Ed Hennessy, Steve Englebirght, Al Graf, Carl Marcellino, Chad Lupinacci, Kimberly Jean-Pierre, Andrew Raia, Michael Montesano, Ed Ra, Ethan Irwin, Phil Boyle, Ken LaValle, and Michelle Schimel (sent staffer)

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