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Ebola Preparedness

The deadly Ebola virus has taken thousands of lives in West Africa and threatens to affect many more people around the world. PEF is actively working with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), one of PEF’s parent unions, to develop stringent controls and protocols for nurses treating Ebola patients and has outlined a three point plan for hospitals to follow in treating Ebola patients:

  • Infection-control protocols and worker-preparedness at all health facilities.
  • Dedicated, specially trained teams of willing staff to care for patients suspected of having Ebola.  Identified teams must be inclusive, including doctors, nurses, lab and x-ray techs, and include adequate housekeeping staff.
  • A voice for frontline providers, who are key to containing Ebola and must be included in the development and implementation of plans.

AFT has developed a tool kit which you can find here.

Below you will find links to more useful information in regards to education and awareness of the Ebola virus.

Center for Disease Control

NYS Health Department

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