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October is Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Two causes of equal importance are highlighted throughout the country in the month of October. One is breast cancer awareness, and the other is domestic violence awareness.

Breast cancer awareness is signified by wearing something the color pink. This month is set aside to spotlight this disease and encourage early detection. One out of eight women in the United States is diagnosed with breast cancer each year, and millions are surviving the disease. PEF leaders are encouraging all its female members to take the steps necessary for early detection. PEF leaders also salute all union sisters and brothers who participate in a “Making Strides Walk” to help raise funds to find a cure.

The color purple is associated with national domestic violence awareness to the issues faced by battered women and men, and their children. In 1987, the Domestic Violence Awareness Month was observed and the first national toll-free hotline was established. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence provided key leadership to pass legislation to help those who have been beaten by their spouse, and to create public awareness of domestic violence deaths. PEF leaders ask members to be vigilant of their co-workers and neighbors, who may be fearful of talking about an abusive spouse, but who may need the help of others. Many members throughout the state wear a purple ribbon or hold a candlelight service to honor their family and friends who have died as a result of domestic violence.