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Now is the Time to Unite to Get the Contract We Deserve

2014 is a year that thousands of PEF members can make a difference.

The statewide elections will determine much about our futures – the services we provide, the people we serve, the contract we deserve.

President Susan Kent and Secretary-Treasurer Carlos Garcia have been spreading that message across the state – and the word is getting out.

“The time is now to get involved in your union,” said Kent. “This is a year we can make a difference – together.”

PEF’s focus on having an active and mobilized workforce has created a real media buzz because labor’s support in this year’s governor’s race has been the object of great speculation.

Kent’s outspoken role on behalf of PEF members has been recognized by City and State magazine, a political insiders’ newsweekly.

An interview with Kent (see below) re-emphasizes her message: PEF members are going to be more active than ever in support of elected officials who stand up for public services and for public employees – not against them.

That message is getting through to leaders in both parties – and to the Governor. In the interview, Kent acknowledges that there has been a better dialogue with the governor since she suggested a more progressive leader should run against him.

“We appreciate the chance to tell state leaders about the importance of the work PEF members do,” Kent said. “Together all PEF members can make this election one to remember – let’s make this the year public employees use their numbers to build political clout.”

CITY & STATE TV: PEF President Susan Kent said she has spoken with Gov. Cuomo more frequently since calling for Democrats to primary him in an interview at C&S’ Albany Power 100 reception this week


PEF President Susan M. Kent was the recipient of the City & State’s Above and Beyond Award, and was also  honored with the prestigious Chairperson’s Award for exemplary accomplishment in the field of labor advocacy. The event took place in Manhattan March 24 where Kent said she was humbled and honored. In her acceptance speech, she reflected on her efforts to move the country and state forward on such issues as immigration and education, and the role of women dedicated to social change. As part of Kent’s award, City & State will donate $2,500 in her name to the American Cancer society, the charity of her choice. Click Here to view article

Keeping PEF Visible in the Media

Representing PEF members at the City and State event were:


From Left: Kenneth Johnson, PEF Trustee; Vivian Street, Region 9 Coordinator; Wayne Spence, Vice President; Secretary-Treasurer Carlos Garcia; Maureen Kellman, PEF Trustee and Brian Purnell, Region 10 PAC Co-Coordinator

Bottom: Theresa Williams, Treasurer and Steward, Div. 373 OTDA; President Susan Kent; Jane Briggs, Executive Assistant to the President and Barbara Ulmer, Vice President.