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Veteran’s Lobby Day

Members of PEF’s Statewide Veterans’ Committee met with legislators in Albany and attended a press conference on the Million Dollar Staircase in the State Capitol April 29, along with representatives of other unions showing a broad range of support on an important legislative proposal.

The veterans urged members of the Legislature to pass the Military Buyback Bill. The bill would amend the New York State Retirement and Social Security Law to allow all public sector workers who were honorably discharged from the military to purchase up to three years of credit towards their pension.

The lead sponsor of the bill is Assembly Member Amy Paulin (D/WF/I) from Westchester County, shown above with the group shot on the Million Dollar Staircase.

Paulin told reporters, “All of the men and women who served in our military should be able to take advantage of the veteran’s service credit buy back. The current law, which makes this opportunity dependent on the dates served, is unfair. Everyone who joins the armed forces takes a risk that they will see combat. And, this legislation will encourage more young people to serve our country – both in the military and as public employees.”

The PEF group met individually with Democratic state senator Cecilia Tkaczyk, whose district covers Albany, Schenectady, Ulster, Montgomery and Greene counties. Pictured above are PEF retiree Bill Wurster, Co-Chair of the Veterans’ Committee David Krobe, Ron Holbrook, Tkaczyk, Charles Mangels, Co-Chair Jerry Jobson, John Duengfelder, Jr. and PEF Political Organizer/Lobbyist Musa Moore. They also met with Republican state Senator Mark Grisanti from Erie County.