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PEF’s Advocacy Wins Gains

Dear PEF Leader:

When we work together, we can win. That’s clearer than ever now that another state budget has passed.

The budget fight is always a stressful time for our members.

The jobs they love and the services they provide to the public too often get put on the chopping block.

That was the story again this year, as politicians told voters that tax cuts were more valuable than state services, than aid to our schools and than assistance to our struggling counties and communities.

But, standing together with advocates for our services, with other union members and with political leaders who have a conscience about the people they represent, we were able to turn the tide on some of the worst proposals we faced.

Hundreds of you and your members made good things happened. Whether you attended a rally, sent a fax or email to a state official or visited a legislator, you deserve credit for our wins.

Now we move on to the next big challenge facing PEF members and all New York’s citizens – the November elections.

We need a Governor, state legislators and members of Congress who put the needs of working families first on their priority list.

Working toward that goal will require even more PEF members involved in the process than we’ve had up to this point.

You will hear more from me on our shared electoral commitment in the coming weeks.

Finally, I want to thank Pat Lavin and PEF’s Legislative Office staff, and Hector Millan and the Research staff, who were great resources this year in our legislative budget efforts.

In unity,


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